Invite me to your location,  gather a small group of people near you who are interested in a group journey and I Will come visit.

I have teamed up with a true shamanic veteran for the purpose of sharing this experience with others in a setting conductive for personal and spiritual growth.  Allow me to introduce my co-facilitator (then explain our medicine mixture) :

Billy Livingston – Lived in the Rain forest of El Yunque in Puerto Rico for 7 years.  He advanced his own spiritual growth with fasting(very long water only fasts), yoga, and meditation.  He also used plant medicines.  He became an expert in mushroom identification, then after years of personal growth he began to share the psychoactive mushrooms in group ceremony settings.  The following 20 years Billy lived in Hawaii (Kauai and  Hana and Maui) where he raised his 2 sons while continuing his spiritual studies and using the abundant local plant sources for Ayahuasca.  In Hawaii, Billy was surrounded by others who were dedicated to personal and spiritual growth with plant medicines.  The Ayahuasca culture is strong in Hawaii.

Billy has served medicine to one of the Merry Pranksters from The Electric Koolaid Acid Test.  Billy also served medicine to Bill Kreutzmann of The Greatful Dead.  Billy has a deep connection with the plants and had been using Passion Flower with mushrooms before he knew it was medically known as an MAOI – Billy knew that the medicine was more effective that way.  He has a deep connection to the plants and together we create a mixture of plants that makeup a medicine journey.  Billy has facilitated many ceremonies and was featured as the Valley Elder in “Drop in – drop out – 11 Miles to paradise”

Billy is pictured below after hosting a ceremony in 2012 at the Mayan Calendar ending with the Kalalau family in Kauai, Hawaii.


Billy is a talented musician and lyricist.  His humble spirit emanates love.  His commitment to simplicity has allowed Billy to break free from the ceremonial tradition that so many shamans incorporate into their practice.  Billy and I open with a prayer for guidance and a circle of protection then we allow the plants to do their work as we consciously provide music, incense, and medicine.  Billy brings more than a knowledge of plants, he brings a knowledge of unseen things.

Billy and I serve multiple types of Ayahuasca related medicines depending on the experience level and intentions of the recipient.  We prepare “a salad” of plants.  MAOI’s that we serve may include Syrian Rue, Passion Flower Vine tea, Golden Milk, Cacao, and Caapi.  Each MAOI is slightly different – we have been blending them successfully in ceremony however our blend of neurotransmitters is even more diverse.  Consider that Yopo snuff (Anadenanthera colubrina) contains:

N-Methyltryptamine (NMT)
dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
dimethyltryptamine N-Oxide (DMT N-Oxide)
5-methoxy-methyltryptamine (5-MeO-NMT)
5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT, methoxybufotenine)
5-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-HO-DMT, bufotenine)
5-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine N-Oxide (5-HO-DMT N-Oxide, bufotenine N-Oxide )
The last three are harmala type alkaloids that exist in Anadenanthera colubrina.

Because nature so readily mixes neurotransmitters within one plant, nature inspired me to mix other medicine plants into our Ayahuasca which are both metabolized by MAO and that work on 5HT receptors such as some mushrooms and mucuna pruriens which we harvest ourselves and San Pedro, Chaliponga, Acacia Confusa, Mimosa Hostillis, and Virola Theiodora.  Plants such as Salvia and Datura do not fit the requirements of being metabolized by MAO or being 5HT neurotransmitters so they are not added to our brew – other medicine makers do add them.  Our Ayahuasca blends produce a more robust experience than a brew of merely caapi and chacruna.  We also provide MAOI to smoke and neurotransmitters to smoke in addition to what we eat and drink.  The medicine we prepare is exceptional.

Discussion about the experience with others is helpful.  After each journey there is some integration discussion.  I find that many of the events are remembered and processed over the following days so the integration discussion should ideally not end at the close of the journey.  Billy and I make ourselves available to everyone we serve and should we have the ability to help anyone eliminate fears and embrace the liberation of innocence by a wise word, we will – however the plants themselves are the ultimate teachers.


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